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Testers Keepers: American Originals Chocolate Fountain review by Charlotte Cornish

Posted on 05 December 2022

It’s just brilliant. 10/10 or 5 stars. The perfect size for a family, loved by my four-year-old daughter up to my 67 year old father.

We had great fun using this chocolate fountain as desert for four adults and two children and had very little wastage after using. We used milk chocolate mixed with vegetable oil for the fountain and dipped different fruits, mini donuts, marshmallows, and bread sticks. The instructions were simple enough for my children to follow making the chocolate smooth and fluid.

The set up was very quick and easy to do using a microwave to save time on melting the chocolate. The product feels good quality and the plastic is strong and sturdy unlike a previous fountain I have used. The added tray around the base is great for keeping the dipping foods in but also acts as a sort of drip tray, especially useful for our young children as it kept our table clean too. The base of the fountain heats up to keep the chocolate running smooth and warm too. The bamboo skewers provided were fine for adults to use but not great for smaller children. They found it difficult to stab the food onto the small skewers but that really is only a minor thing, dining forks worked just as well.

Clearing it away was simple too, not that much chocolate went to waste in this household. Easy to clean out the bowl base and the fountain parts were all easily washed up too. We did have to use a small spiral brush on the centre stalk feet loops, but this wasn’t much effort to be fair. Its small enough to be kept in our kitchen cupboard which keeps worktops free.

We will definitely use this chocolate fountain again, Christmas, Birthday’s or probably even just a Friday night in front of the telly.