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Testers Keepers: American Candy Hamper Review

Posted on 12 April 2016

I found the presentation of the product of a good quality and initially appealing. All of the sweets were nice and had lots of flavour. It was nice to see products we had not seen or tried before and was exciting to try something new.

I would recommend American Candy Sweets to friends and family if they are looking for something new to buy someone with a particularly sweet tooth, or for teenage kids who are difficult to buy for.


Having researched some other products online, as I have never purchased one of these before myself, I feel the hamper was a little overpriced as there is similar for less out there to buy. I asked my family too in regards to the RRP and they also thought it was a bit high and wouldn't purchase it at £40. Maybe £35 would be a better price point to be more competitive.


My initial thoughts were the box made the product look high quality; however it didn’t re-close very well and may have been better with some branding or design on it. The sweets selected were all large boxes which made you feel like you were getting a lot of product. The contents packaging chosen was bright and appealing. All of the candies were tasty with real fruit flavours in a lot of them. I liked that most had clear calorie information on them. It was nice to try different sweets that I have not tried before here in the UK.


I think a wicker basket may do the job just fine for the outer packaging and may have more of a "hamper" feel to it. Packaging could be tailored to the recipient so a child could have bright jazzy packaging and an adult more refined quality packaging? If the box was branded or jazzed up it would give the customer more of a feel that they were purchasing something unique and not something they could recreate easily at home. It could have benefited from a little more variety in contents too to make it more value for money such as adding some more chocolate varieties such as Reeses, as a lot of the sweets were similar in type (sugary and fizzy/tangy). If more variety in terms of candy types were added in place of either smaller boxes of the candy already supplied or to remove one or 2 and replace with chocolate candies, then I think this would suit everyone's taste better.

I would give the product a score of 7 out of 10, this is marked down simply on variety of candy type ad packaging.

Review by: Jody