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Testers Keepers: Amazon review by Lee Berwick

Posted on 01 July 2019

I recently purchased a few different items from Amazon and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to search for and find specific items.

For instance, I wanted a book about the early days of trains for a family member and found a large selection for such a specific criteria.

I found the Amazon website very easy to use and navigate. Clear pictures of products help to ensure you know you are ordering the right thing and product information is detailed and concise, so the horror stories of other websites where people have paid then received small or incorrect items can be completely avoided on Amazon.

I also liked the option to buy from other sellers and even the option to buy a pre-owned version of the item for a cheaper price, perfect for when you are on a budget.  Because of how simple and clear the website is, within 15 minutes I had found everything I wanted.

The ordering and paying process is simple and easy to follow and even gave options for speedier delivery for items needed in an emergency or with time constraints.

The fact that I could put items into a virtual basket and come back to it later was very helpful, as it meant I could research various different items without having to go back and re-order it. It also means the deliveries could be grouped so the items were received together and we didn’t have to wait in for several deliveries.

The products I purchased included clothes, books and child toys and all were of high quality. There are options to purchase cheaper items from outside sellers but the items I bought all fit perfectly in size and were high quality.

Overall, I would definitely use Amazon again for online shopping and would recommend it to all friends and family, as the products were great value for money as it was easy to order what I wanted.