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Testers Keepers: A Simba Double Mattress review by Kyte Munay

Posted on 12 April 2021

I was astonished and absolutely delighted when I found out I had been selected to test and keep a Simba mattress, especially so, considering my ongoing drama with beds and health issues!

In the last 12 months I have had a mattress nightmare. Literally!! I have a few health issues that affect my coccyx and lower spine, so it is essential I have a mattress that doesn't flare up these problems which has not been an easy feat. So, this past year I have tried and had to send back two memory foam mattresses that can be bought online and returned if not suitable which I did.

I then decided I must need springs for my back and ordered a mattress from a well-known company, felling safe with the knowledge that I could swap the firm for a medium if need be, but to my utter surprise and shock neither of these two option were suitable for me and as the company would not refund me for the mattress, so I lost my money and ability to finance myself any other mattress options.

I ended up having my dad swap the mattress I was left with but couldn't even lay on with one from their house that is 12 years old that I had slept on before with a topper!!!

I must admit I was concerned about doing a review as it could just be me rather than the mattress that was the problem and didn't want to unfairly write a bad review. But I needn't have worried as it turned out brilliant for me.

The delivery went smoothly, and I received a phone call on the day letting me know when they were nearly here. The delivery guy took the mattress in its box up the stairs for me which I was very grateful for.

It was extremely easy to unpack and lay on my bed frame. There was a little bit of a chemical smell at first, but it went away pretty quickly. I was tempted to lay on it straight away but waited a few hours so it could expand properly to its full capacity after being vacuum packed for delivery and ease of transport.

I can tell pretty much straight away if I am going to be able to lay on a bed without my muscles cramping up around my coccyx and lower spine, which believe me makes it totally impossible to rest laying down let alone actually sleep on it. The amount of support and give has to be spot on, and I was completely over the moon to find out the Simba mattress did just that for me, WOW!

Unlike most other online memory foam mattresses, the Simba does have titanium springs inside as well as of course layers of memory foam, so I can only think it is this that makes the Simba different from the other two memory foam mattresses I have tried this year.

I can absolutely recommend the Simba for people struggling with lower back problems and please don't let the fact you may have tried other memory foam options with no luck put you off. After all, you really have nothing to lose as when ordered online through the Simba website, it comes with a 100 day free trial, so if it doesn't suit, the company will come pick it up and refund you in full.

I would have saved myself a lot of pain and money if I had gone with the Simba in the first place. But then my test and review win wouldn't have been so exciting and life changing for me.

BIG thank you to My Offers, I am so very happy I was chosen and delighted with my new comfy mattress.