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How would winning £millions change your life

Posted on 10 March 2015


How would winning £millions change your life?

Unless you’re already in possession of a bank account filled with millions of pounds you’ve probably dreamt about what you’d do if you won a big money jackpot. The car you’d drive, where you’d holiday and who you’d share your winnings with are just a few of the things that would require your urgent attention! 

To see how our own personal dreams of cruising in a BMW, soaking up the sun in the Caribbean and relocating to Dorset stacked up against the rest of the population, we asked thousands of you how you’d spend your millions – and the results might surprise you. 

1 in 10 of you would still choose to holiday in the UK, while Audi beat out the likes of Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz as the most popular choice of car. Meanwhile (and rather unsurprisingly) only 13% of you would carry on working at your current job, with 29% of you handing in your notice and a further 14% choosing to only work part time. 

You can check out our ‘HOW WOULD WINNING £MILLIONS CHANGE YOUR LIFE? infographic above to see how you compare with our survey results, and then why not enter some of our fantastic free competitions – while you can’t win millions just yet, we’ve got every piece of the lottery lifestyle on offer, from luxury holidays and cars to the latest high end gadgets and money to spend in stores.