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Game Worlds Vs. Real World: A Matter of Size

Posted on 05 October 2015

The video game industry was worth a staggering £59.3 billion in 2015, an incredible amount of the world’s population play games in one form or another. Here at MyOffers we offer gamers or soon-to-be gamers the chance to win the consoles and games they’ve been dreaming of playing.

Gaming has exponentially increased; one possible reason for the increase is the heavy influence of the Asian gaming community, while websites such as Twitch have helped forge a path for the gaming community, Xbox and PlayStation have both released easy to use video capture software with their consoles allowing for the everyday enthusiast and not just the pros to easily upload their footage.

Video games have become more of an art-form than some traditional art-forms, with stunning graphics taking centre stage and large expansive worlds to explore. Game worlds are becoming ever larger, more complex and un-imaginarily more realistic.

We thought avid gamers would be intrigued (or possibly dispirited) at comparing their own virtual world to its real world geographical equivalent counterpart. So we have gathered map sizes from popular games and compared them to their real world geographical equivalent or as close as we could get!

Using data sourced from various developers’ sites, and math-orientated gamers who’ve got bored, we’ve identified various game worlds and compared them to London or parts of London, or for those that are too large to compare to London we’ve chosen countries similar in size. That’s right some game worlds are the size of countries!


Game Worlds VS Real World