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Review and keep the Ring Automotive Digital Tyre Inflator

Prize closes on 30/04/2021

Modern technology is making it easier than ever to maintain our cars from home. Apply to become a Testers Keepers product tester for your chance to check out the features of the Ring Automotive Digital Tyre inflator for yourself.

Designed to be simple and easy to use, the Ring RAC601 digital tyre inflator is a must-have for every car boot. Correctly inflated tyres improve your fuel efficiency, saving you money and lowering your CO2 emissions. Correct tyre pressure also improves the manoeuvrability of your vehicle, improving safety. Designed for fast inflation, you can easily inflate a 13” tyre from flat to 35PSI in under 4.5 minutes. Thanks to the auto-stop feature accuracy is guaranteed. Set the pressure you need and let the machine do the rest, automatically stopping at the correct pressure.

If you need to inflate at night, this versatile gadget is perfect. Featuring a backlit screen, pre-set functions, and an LED light the Ring RAC601 has got you covered day to night or in an emergency. The cable is long enough to reach all four tyres easily and can be powered from the vehicle's 12V socket. It doesn't stop with cars either, this great piece of kit has a whole range of uses and 2-piece adapter set. Ideal for motorcycles, push-bikes, caravans, lawnmowers, blow up beds and other small inflatables. Apply today to see just how handy this automatic tyre inflator can be.

Review Checklist
• Ring Automotive RAC601 Digital Tyre Inflator with Auto Stop and LED Light
• Write an honest review of approximately 300 words
• Free product test opportunity

What's in it for me?
We will send you a Ring Automotive RAC601 Digital Tyre Inflator with Auto Stop and LED Light worth £95. All we expect in return is an honest review of the product including quality, features and whether or not you would use the product again.

Prize Draw value £95 Prize Draw closes 30/04/2021

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