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Product reviewed needed: Cook the perfect roast with the Wireless Meat Thermometer

Prize closes on 31/03/2021

It can be tricky to get it right when cooking meat products. Apply to become a Testers Keepers product reviewer for your chance to test out the Meater Plus wireless meat thermometer.

Controlling all our gadgets from our mobile devices has become the norm. From speakers to security alarms to kettles, it seems like everything can be connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. With the Meater Plus wireless meat thermometer, you can even monitor the temperature of your food meals. Developed with state of the art technology, combined with an insatiable passion for food, Meater makes over and undercooked meals a thing of the past. With an extended Bluetooth range of 50 m, you can monitor your cooking from a phone, tablet, computer, or Alexa-enabled device.

One probe containing two sensors give dual temperature readings both internally and externally. Monitor the internal meat temperature to a maximum of 100º C and the external temperature to 275º C. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean, this handy gadget gives you peace of mind when it comes to cooking. The advanced estimator algorithm can estimate how long to cook and rest your food, helping you to manage your meal planning and prep. Receive cooking and custom alerts to your mobile device to keep an eye on your cuisine when you aren't in the room. Apply today for your chance to check out all the features for yourself.

Review Checklist
• Meater Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer
• Write an honest review of approximately 300 words
• Free product review opportunity

What's in it for me?
We will send you a Meater Wireless Meat Thermometer worth £109 and all we expect in return is an honest review of the product including quality, features and whether or not you would use the product yourself.

Prize Draw value £109 Prize Draw closes 31/03/2021

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