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Mystery shoppers required for Lidl

Prize closes on 30/04/2019

One TestersKeepers member gets to walk into Lidl and spend £100 as a mystery shopper. With the cheap prices of Lidl, the winner will come out with a trolley load of goodies.

Lidl is a German global discount supermarket chain that has over 650 stores in the United Kingdom. Lidl has a no-frills approach of displaying most products in their original delivery cartons, and minimal staffing means the company can still make a profit even with low prices.

Groceries include many imported low priced gourmet foods from Europe but Lidl also sources local products from the country where the store is located in. The Lidl award winning wine range has a seasonal selection that changes six times throughout the year, every bottle has been carefully selected to offer both quality and value.

Since 2012 Lidl has also had bakeries in their stores, fresh bread, pizzas and pastries are displayed for sale. Lidl provides an online photo service as well, which prints photos and gifts at discounted prices.

In store you can find special weekly offers, many non-food items such as garden furniture, toys for children, workwear, tools and home accessories that often including bigger items like shelving units, chairs and storage solutions. Once the items are gone, they are gone.

Step in to the exciting world of mystery shopping by entering this latest opportunity by TestersKeepers, the lucky chosen winner will be notified soon after the closing date of 30th April 2019. Prize Draw value £100 Prize Draw closes 30/04/2019

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