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Celebrate Bonfire Night with a firework bundle for the garden

Prize closes on 13/10/2019

Gone are the days when Bonfire Nights meant twirling a few sparklers while watching a piddly display that lasted half a minute. Today fireworks come with an array of glittering eye candy for everyone to enjoy. Thanks to MyOffers, one lucky winner can celebrate November 5th this year with an amazing selection of category 2 fireworks.

This prize bundle comes with a combination of colourful effects, mixed with a few larger and slightly noisier fireworks. Make sure you have big enough outdoor space to offer a minimum safety distance of 15 metres.

Few examples of the fireworks the winner will receive as a part of the prize bundle:

Magna, a 12 shot cake with altering shots of silver peonies followed by crackling emerald dragon eggs.

Deadeye, a 16 shot cake with an excellent mix of effects, silver tails, eruptions of blue stars and an elegant crown bouquets.

Mini Gods, three pack. Hades brings gold tails and stars, Zeus offers gold glitter and green spinners, and Athena shoots silver tails and bouquets.

Juke Box, 28 seconds of colourful red, green and blue tails rising to vivid red stars and green bouquets.

INXS Rocket pack, these five rockets offer an assortment of different colours and plenty of crackling.

In addition to these, the bundle includes small fountains, Roman candles, barrages and small rockets for the ultimate Bonfire Night party.

Enter now for a chance to win a fireworks bundle for the garden. Prize Draw value £70 Prize Draw closes 13/10/2019

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