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Prize closes on 31/08/2020

It is such a pain in the neck when appliances breakdown unexpectedly isn't it? A cooker, a fridge, a dishwasher – any kitchen white goods that aren't working can be a nightmare! However, I think the appliance that causes the most stress in our house when we are without one is the washing machine! Although we can of course hand wash clothes still as our grandmothers and their grandmother used to do, it isn't always practical or a good use of time. If your washing machine is looking a little past its best, then MyOffers has the perfect competition for you. Enter today and you could be getting your hands on a fantastic Samsung EcoBubble 9kg washing machine worth £400!

We are always looking for ways to make our home chores more affordable these days by reducing our water and energy consumption. This brilliant state of the art washing machine can definitely help you do that. With its A+++ energy rating and massive 9kg load you will find that you can get more washing done at one time, rather than having to constantly have the machine on for separate loads. Its impressive 1,400 spin ability will mean less water left in your washing ensuring that the clothes dry quicker either out on the line or in the tumble dryer.

This awesome machine is packed full of functionality. The quiet mode is perfect for open plan living and the bubble soak feature helps to loosen tough stains and makes for a thorough cleaning - think grass stains on school trousers! With a simple to use digital display and heaps of great pre-set programmes your family's washing will be a breeze if you are our lucky winner so get your entry in today!

Prize Draw value £400 Prize Draw closes 31/08/2020

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