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Start baking with the family - win a Tefal Cake Factory

Prize closes on 28/02/2021

Baking with the family can be a wonderful experience. It's a chance to try new ingredients, bond with children and teach valuable life lessons such as weighing and kitchen safety. Enter this MyOffers competition and you could be baking up a storm with the Tefal Cake Factory.

Baking can be a tricky thing to master. Sometimes cakes don't rise; perhaps the ingredients weren't quite measured properly. Imagine the joy of baking when every cake turns out perfectly! Welcome to the brilliant Cake Factory by Tefal.

With five easy to use baking programmes, your home baking results will be as easy as 1, 2, 3. Effortless temperature and time controls mean no more guesstimating. Using the Cake Factory simple app, you can access over 200 recipes and ideas so you will never be bored with your baking. Follow the easy step-by-step guides and let the Cake Factory do the rest. You can even create your own recipes and share them.

The Tefal Cake Factory comes complete with three baking moulds, a mould rack and recipe book. You could whip up a delicious batch of individual chocolate chip muffins. Or how about an oozy melt in the middle lava cake? Or perhaps you fancy a family classic cake to share like a Victoria Sponge. It doesn't stop with cakes either. Use the Cake Factory to take the guesswork out of melting chocolate or whip up sweet and indulgent meringues. The choices are endless so get entering today!

Prize Draw value £130 Prize Draw closes 28/02/2021

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