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Win a £250 pre-paid Mastercard
It can be hard to know what to give some people for gifts can't it? Enter this awesome MyOffers competition for your chance to win a £250 pre-paid Mastercard. Mastercard makes it super-easy to give gifts with their pre-paid gift cards. As children get older it gets more difficult to work out what they would like for Christmas, birthdays, graduation, or anything else in between. It can be just as confusing to know what to buy for adults too! The pre-paid Mastercard is the perfect gift for everyone, every time and is always well received. They can be used to store spending money for holidays as well to reduce the amount of cash and Travellers' Cheques you need to carry. Once topped up, the cards can be used immediately and they can be loaded using cash, debit card, credit card or even bank transfer. As well as being simple and convenient to use, they are also more secure than using cash or paper gift vouchers. Check the balance of the card online wherever you are and view your account information and transaction history. Accepted at millions of locations worldwide wherever the Mastercard or Maestro logo is displayed as well as on the internet too. Enter today to win the ultimate gift card of a £250 pre-paid Mastercard.
Win £250 Cash from MyOffers
Are you in a need of a pick me up spending spree? Enter this super MyOffers competition for your chance to win £250 cash! Things can get expensive when you add everything up can't they. From new season clothes, and accessories for the whole family to maintenance costs on the house. Wouldn't it be nice to have an extra unexpected cash lump sum? That's what you could be winning if you enter this competition. What would you do with £250? Stock up the cupboards, fridge, freezer, and drinks cabinet? Think of all the goodies you could be buying for weekday meals, weekend dinner parties and special occasions. Maybe you would take your other half, family, or friends out for a slap-up dinner with all the trimmings? Perhaps you would like to put it towards a mini-break away to blow away the cobwebs. Whatever you would spend the money on, don't hesitate to get your entry in today.
Win a Amazon voucher worth £150
Everyone loves a bit of retail therapy, right? However, sometimes it isn't convenient to head to the high street or shopping centre. Maybe shopping with little ones isn't your idea of fun. Or perhaps you are limited in terms of transport. Fear not, online shopping is a real lifesaver. One of the largest hubs for online retail these days is Amazon. You can pretty much get whatever you need all in one place. Enter this fantastic MyOffers competition to win an Amazon voucher worth £150! What would you spend your £150 on? The choice is endless. How about treating yourself to some new state of the art Amazon Echo smart speakers for your home? You could pop them in different rooms – maybe the kitchen, the bedroom or even the bathroom! With these super-cool smart speakers you can access music, audio books, news, games and much more. Maybe you would like to update your kitchen. You could buy a stylish new coordinating toaster and kettle from Russell Hobbs to suit any style. New small appliances can transform the look of your kitchen whether you opt for classic black, a pop of bright colour or an elegant chrome look. Keen on improving your health and fitness? How about a pleny folding exercise bike with 16 level resistance and phone and tablet holder? This awesome piece of kit is sure to kickstart any fitness regime. Whatever you want to spend your voucher on, you will be spoilt for choice! For a chance to win £150 to spend at Amazon, enter today.

Money makes the world go around, so what better prize is there to give some away? Hard cash means that you can decide whether to save it, or spend it on a holiday, paying off some debts or just having a fabulous time.

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