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Win £1,500 cash


Treat yourself to something special with a new fantastic competition from MyOffers where one extremely lucky winner will win £1,500 cold, hard cash. It doesn't get much better than this!

The best part about this prize is you get to spend the £1,500 on absolutely anything you desire.

Has it been years since you had a really good holiday? Winning this amazing competition you could book that beach vacation in a palm tree paradise you have always wanted to go on or you could treat your family to an unforgettable family holiday in Florida. Maybe you would like to update your kitchen with the latest appliances. With extra £1,500 in your pocket you could ensure next Christmas is fully paid for in advance. You could fully enjoy the holidays without worrying how tight finances are the following January. Perhaps you would even like to do a good deed and donate your prize money to a local charity.

Are you still trying to get on to the property ladder? Thanks to MyOffers you could put £1,500 towards a deposit and take a step closer to living the dream as a home owner.

Be sensible and pay off your credit card, deposit into your bank account and save it for a rainy day or splash out on a completely new wardrobe, the choice is yours.

How would you spend £1,500? Put your thinking cap on and start planning and do not forget to enter before it is too late. Prize Draw closes 30/09/2018

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