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Win the ultimate car bundle (including a car tool kit, a high pressure washer and a trolley jack ramp)


MyOffers has put together all the essentials for a car enthusiast or every day driver who likes to be prepared for everything.

Keep your pride and joy clean with a high pressure washer. This will come very handy to get your car into summer shape after tedious, wet winter months. Wash away all the grit and salt, fast and effectively. Get into the tiny, hard to clean places such as in between the rims and grilles with ease. Whereas it would have taken hours to thoroughly wash a car with a bucket and a sponge, this high pressure washer will get the job done in no time! A clean, well maintained car will serve you longer as it will rust significantly slower.

Pressure washers are very versatile, not only can you use it to wash your car but you can keep the garden furniture, patio slabs and even windows sparkling clean.

A trolley jack and ramp makes changing a tyre much easier and minor jobs underneath the car as you can properly raise your car from the floor with this excellent bundle of equipment. A must have for any car owner.

The car tool kit includes everything you need for every day maintenance and you never know when you might need jump cables so they are perfect to keep in your boot at all times.

Enter below before this competition closes and you are in the running to become our latest lucky winner. Prize Draw closes 28/02/2018

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