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The Cost of Art Infographic

Posted on 26 May 2015

MyOffers is known as the home of the best free online competitions, but we know that things in life don’t always come for free – like priceless works of art for example. To demonstrate this, we took a look at the cost of a standard adult ticket for 20 masterpieces by 20 different artists on display in galleries across Europe and the United States. Then, just for fun, we asked thousands of you which work of art you’d pay the most to see and plotted the results in our infographic below.


The Cost of Art



You’ll see that a few of the paintings housed in UK museums came near the bottom of the pack – could that be because people know they’re lucky enough to see these masterpieces for free? To put these entry fees into perspective, we’ve also taken a look at the 10 most expensive paintings ever sold – with the top honour going to Paul Gaugin’s When Will You Marry, which was sold just a few months ago for a whopping $800 million. Paying $25 to see Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night suddenly doesn’t seem so pricey!