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Testers Keepers: Zummi pushchair review by Isaac Toon

Posted on 14 May 2023

The pushchair itself is very pleasing to the eye, a piece of art almost. It handles like a dream too thanks to the single 360-degree rotating wheel at the front. I also think the fact it has actual tyres with air instead of solid rubber wheels, for example, is a brilliant idea! It makes the ride comfort for my son a lot nicer than any other pushchair I've ever got for him.

It has a large break at the rear bottom which I think not only benefits the looks of the pushchair but is also extremely convenient as the previous pushchairs I have got for my son have a tiny little break lever and sometimes I miss it when trying to put the breaks on and instead I put pressure on the wheel which sends the pushchair rolling into my shin.

The red ends of the break make the pushchair look like it has red brake calipers which I think was intentional by the manufacturers and is a lovely bonus extra.

The only things that worry me ever so slightly are the fact that there aren’t any spare inner tubes in case the wheels puncture and the basket underneath the pushchair could be slightly bigger but all in all it isn’t a massive issue as the pushchair itself only retails for between £149.99 and £199.99 which in my humble opinion is an absolute bargain! It has definitely made me want to check out Zummi’s other products as the one item I do own from them, is an item which has made me very content.

I think the best thing about this item is the height of it. No more arching down to push my son in his pushchair. The handles are the ideal height and this helps the moving ability and also my poor back which hurts after long walks with alternative pushchairs.

I would give this pushchair an honest rating of 9/10!

Definitely recommend this item for not only first-time parents but also those who already have children and are looking for an upgrade on the pushchair they currently own. Smart, casual, cool, very easy to use, and set up by yourself. Love the item and so does my son.

Thank you Testers Keepers!!

Zummi Pushchair