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Testers Keepers: Gordon's Gin review by Anthony Bell

Posted on 14 April 2019

Above are the three new gin flavours in really attractive bottles from Gordon’s. From left to right are: Sloe Gin, Premium Pink and Gin with a spot of Elderflower.

 I had a great opportunity to test the three new flavours of Gordon’s Gin:

·         Sloe Gin

·         Premium Pink

·         Gordon’s Gin with a spot of Elderflower


I bought several mixers in readiness, including the usual tonic water, lemonade, coke, ginger beer, bitter lemon, lime cordial and orange juice.


Overall, I knew I could expect something great from the strong Gordon’s brand and reputation.


Sloe Gin


We tested this first, by itself. It had a heavy perfume/ floral aroma. You can taste the heavy rather than sweet dark fruit, giving a real warming effect.


Other family members described it as full bodied, fruity and rich, like mulled wine, a grown-up drink. The Sloe gin is great by itself and very refreshing when ice is added.


Although tonic water really brings out the flavour, for me, the lemonade makes it lighter, tastier, sweeter and more refreshing - and leaves you wanting a little bit more.


The strong fruity flavour meant it only needed fairly bland mixers to compliment the Sloe gin.


Premium Pink Gin


Nice colour, sweet smelling and very fruity taste - you can taste the sweetness of raspberries and strawberries.


Most of us were happy with the standard mix with tonic water and plenty of ice. I also liked it with lemonade, lime and bitter lemon. Like the Sloe Gin, this didn’t need strong mixers such as coke or ginger beer/ale.


As well as the strawberries and raspberries, other family members described the taste and aroma as peppery, balanced, a fun drink, sweet, uplifting, and floral.


Overall, very sweet, but then that’s how we like it.


Gin with a Spot of Elderflower


Although I enjoy Elderflower, the amount in this gin is far too low, ie just a hint.


Although it was possible detect the Elderflower aroma, it didn’t come through in the flavour, it was far too subtle. The taste was crisp and clean.

As one would expect, tonic water, ice, lemonade, bitter lemon and lime cordial all made the drink more palatable, but it remained far too harsh for my palate.




For all three drinks we felt that stronger mixers took too much away from the different flavours.


In the end we were torn between the Sloe and the Premium Pink. Both had great aromas, pleasant tasting, and responded well to most mixers.


The spot of Elderflower was quite a distant third place. I was not surprised, as a family we have a sweet tooth, hence the preference for the Sloe and Premium Pink.


So, to sum up, the majority (four of six of us) preferred the Sloe - deep and sophisticated.


Two family members preferred the Premium Pink - light, a sweet and refreshing drink.


The description used was the Premium Pink preferred for a night out partying, and the Sloe is preferred for a quiet night in.


The spot of Elderflower was just too harsh for us; it just doesn’t have the luxury or sophistication of the Sloe or Premium Pink.