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Testers Keepers: Dyson DC50 Review

Posted on 12 April 2016

The Dyson DC50 Vacuum is a lightweight powerful vacuum cleaner. Its handle easily extends and shortens to make it nice and compact. The cleaner was easy to assemble, all the attachments attach to the vacuum making them easy to access when you need them, although I did find they got caught at times and the piece of plastic they are attached with bent - luckily we could bend it back but this did seem a little flimsy.

The nozzle can quickly be extended and is very long; however the hose part of the vacuum isn’t very long and can make some places hard to reach. Vacuuming the stairs is easy as the cleaner is so light it is easy to hold on the stairs with one hand whilst vacuuming with the other hand. Sometimes when putting the nozzle back into the handle of the vacuum it doesn’t seem to fit and can take several attempts to put it back in.

The cleaner fills up quickly when vacuuming (especially in our house as we have a toddler and baby) which means we have to empty it regularly. However this is so easy to do it isn’t too much of a problem. The vacuum easily changes from one type of flooring to another - we have a mix of carpets, tiles and laminate flooring and the vacuum head changes to suit each type of flooring without having to stop and adjust anything.

I would definitely recommend the Dyson DC50 to friends and family looking for a lightweight powerful vacuum, with a RRP of £230 I feel this cleaner is definitely value for money.

Review by: Emma Jackson