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Testers Keepers: Domino's review by Hannah Raffour

Posted on 21 February 2019

Firstly, the Dominos app is extremely easy to use. The items are all on one page which you can scroll down to review all available products.

The app gave a brief description on each pizza and it also gave information on the size and prices of each item.

A wide variety available, including gluten free for customers with food intolerrencies. It is straight forward to add to your basket.

What I liked was the options available for payment, although I did use the visa card payment method. It was nice that customers do get an option.

The highlight of this online process is the fact it gives you processing and delivery updates. This added extra was extremely amusing to me and I have not found any other delivery service which provides this extra facility.

The order processing facility not only informed you of how your order was progressing, it also gave you jokes during the change over period which is quite amusing the first time you use the processing order page.

Track your delivery facility is an amazing add on. I was really impressed with is as not only do you know when your delivery is due to arrive, it also informs you of how many stops during the delivery the driver will need to make.

These two services makes Dominos stand out as a delivery company. Not once during this ordering process was I left wondering where my food was and how long it would take.

Overall the process of ordering food took 10 minutes using online and delivery 30 minutes. Exceptionally customer friendly ordering and delivery process.

Everything that was ordered was delivered. The quality of food was a little disappointing as the pizzas where slightly over cooked which made the margarita taste dry.

I am sure that if we had ordered on a quieter day this would not have happened. The hot and spicy chicken wings that I ordered came with the hot and spicy sauce.

I assumed they would have been cooked in the sauce. The food was delivered hot enough to eat. All other food received was to our satisfaction. We especially loved the warm cookies.


As a family of six, we found Dominos pizzas slightly overpriced. We did use a voucher which entitled us to 40% off the order, which we still found to be expensive, especially when you are on a budget.

Previously we have visited an establishment to collect our order and have found this to be better value for money.

I would definitely be recommending to family and friends as we have members that have food intolerrencies within the wider family.

I would however be recommending them to collect from store as this offers value for money on pizza’s and explaining how expensive it can be to feed a larger size family.

We are a money savvy family and tend to visit Dominos twice a year due to the cost of the food. We are sure to visit Dominos in the future, as we do like the food, especially the side options when not over cooked.