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Testers Keepers - Dyson V6 Review

Posted on 13 January 2016

“I loved using the Dyson V6; it was easy to use and so handy to have for a quick clean about when needed and not worrying about plugging in and plugging out. The Dyson is very powerful for a cordless and also has a boost/max button that makes it even more powerful — good if you have hard stubborn mess that you can’t pick up. It's not every day you have people coming to your house to do your vacuuming, or wanting to borrow your Dyson! Haha!

You can get about 20 minutes of Vacuuming and that is using it on max too. When putting it on charge a blue light appears and when fullyy charged it goes off. The Dyson also comes with a bracket to attach it to the wall, so it can be stored about tidy. It's a very nice sleek looking vacuum cleaner that is very well compacted. To use the Dyson you need to press a trigger to make it work. The only thing I would say is that it does make your finger/hand ache after using for a few minutes. The vacuum is light, easy to use and very easy to take apart to put the different attachments on.



“I think this has a very good price, well worth the money. You could get cheaper cordless vacuums but they don't perform as well as the Dyson V6. I like that the Dyson came with different attachments to use, and they are all on one connection so you just have to click them into place. It's also really easy to empty just by clicking one button down. I also love that I can do all my vacuuming upstairs and down and do it so quickly — an even better result than using my plug in hoover.




“The only thing I would have liked is if you could flick a switch to keep the Dyson on, as after a while your hand/fingers start to ache after holding the trigger. I know it’s defeating the object, but when the battery runs out you can't use it while it’s charging - it would be good if you could. Overall I really liked the Dyson V6 and would give it 4 and a half out of 5.

I would like to thank MyOffers Testers Keepers for picking me to review the Dyson V6!”

Review by: Rachel Fraser