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Testers Keepers: iPhone X review by Lauren Needham

Posted on 10 December 2018

iPhone X review: Another fab Apple product!

I personally love Apple products in general, they are so user friendly and beautiful to look at. But the iPhone X really is great, although I’m not sure I could warrant spending that kind of cash in one go – so I think a contract is probably the best option there!

So let’s talk about the camera! It is just amazing, the way you can switch to portrait mode and take in different lighting styles – for someone who is photo mad this was probably my favourite feature! My little girl is now bombarded even more with daily photo taking!

Losing the home button - this took me a while to get used to and I wasn’t keen on first glance but it works so well! A full screen really is just lovely and it just becomes so natural to have no home button after no time at all! I love the edge to edge display and when comparing to a previous iPhone, you can really see just how much extra detail it adds to the display.

Face ID – now I was skeptical about this too, but it’s even easier than Touch ID! So handy! It is really responsive and even works in almost pitch black.

Although I will warn you now, if you have any notes that are locked with Touch ID – make sure you unlock them before starting up your new phone as this does not convert to Face ID, but asks for a password and if you’ve never set a password up (like I didn’t as I only ever used the Touch ID), sadly you will lose access to the notes for good.

Apple is unable to unlock or provide any help – only insist you set a password – when you didn’t! But that’s another tale, so just a warning. You can also use the Face ID camera to track your facial movements and use them to bring your very own “Animoji” to life too, and this is great.

I was surprised at how much battery life you can get out of it too, with it having and doing so much but the battery quality is decent.

However, one thing I don’t like is the change in how to access the control centre; because you now have to swipe up to access the phone and navigate home etc. The control centre has now moved to the top right corner and it’s a pain.

As with all Apple products (in my opinion), the quality is superb. The thing I’ve found with the iPhone X is how much more responsive it is than previous iPhones; the processor is clearly better and quicker too!

All in all I think it’s probably the best iPhone yet and would definitely recommend it; it’s sleek and beautifully designed.

Yes, it is a lot to fork out for a phone and I’m 50/50 on whether it’s worth it or not. Yes, there are other brands that are ‘just as good’ but for me you cannot beat Apple and the iOS system! It’s user friendly and uncomplicated (mostly), which for an every day gadget that most people use constantly; I think that’s key!

So to finish off, yes I would recommend the iPhone X because it is superb but as I’ve said previously getting out a contract might be the sensible option for some people.