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Testers Keepers: Zara review by Jenny Chau

Posted on 15 December 2018

Testers Keepers wanted a mystery shopper to review a Zara store of their choice. This review is from Jenny Chau.

I received no welcome at all, not even a customer acknowledgement. The staff did not seem friendly, they didn’t smile or offer help, they only offered to help when I asked.

The overall quality is good for some of the products. On one of the blouses I purchased, the button was missing and I did not notice until I got home. I think there is room for improvement on quality.

My favourite product from this shopping trip was a fur coat, it is really warm and cosy and super soft, I had wanted to purchase this product for a while but I think the coat is overpriced.

I am very likely to recommend Zara to friends and family. It is very on trend and has a big range of clothing, shoes and accessories. Some items are good prices. Products can last a few seasons and the quality is relatively good. You can purchase items for men and kids, so it is great for all the family.

Some of the products are value for money, for example the TRF range is very good for fashion without being too pricey. However, other products can be overpriced and I think this puts customers off buying that product especially if they can get similar products for cheaper elsewhere on the high street.

I think the fashion and trend is there, but the quality needs a little more attention. I have purchased a shirt from Zara before and the seams started falling apart after three months. Now, I would expect a Zara product to last longer than this, especially as you are not on the cheaper end of the high street.

I am likely to shop at Zara in the near future as I like the fashionable products they supply and I look into the store for inspiration.

I would rate Zara 7 out of 10.