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Testers Keepers: VAX Rapid Power 2 Reach Carpet Cleaner review by Sarah Turner

Posted on 15 March 2023

p>I received the Vax Rapid Power 2 Carpet Cleaner on February 15th, what a great versatile piece of kit! Not only did I use this for carpets, but I also used it on thick rugs and hard flooring, all of which came up great.

The solution lasts a long time that you receive with the carpet cleaner, however I do think it would be great if it came with a larger bottle, if purchasing the item.

You can see from the images that the kitchen rug had hard grease stains, all of which the Vax managed to remove very easily.

VAX Carpet Cleaner

When the Vax arrived, it came in adequate packaging, not too excessive, like most items do these days! The carpet cleaner was very easy to assemble and all the attachments were easy to swap and change.

If using the cleaner on carpeted stairs, the Vax Rapid Power 2 comes with all the right attachments to get into those tricky corners. My hallway looks and smells very fresh after using the Vax with the solution provided.

After using other carpet cleaners I noticed that the floor would be left very wet underneath when cleaning rugs. However, with the Vax Rapid Power 2 there was hardly any water left on the hard floor surrounding the rug which was great. Other carpet cleaners leave the floor saturated for quite some time which isn’t ideal with children or pets. This also means no strange smell too which I have noticed with other carpet cleaners, this one doesn’t leave a strange smell.

Not only did we use the Vax for indoors, we also used it to clean the car interior too which was excellent and due to the size of the water tank in the Vax Rapid 2, there was no need to keep returning to the sink to empty or refill.

You do not have to use much of the solution provided with each clean, however we did find for tougher stained floors, it was beneficial to use slightly more than recommended. The solution is also antibacterial which is reassuring that your floors are getting a thorough clean when you have small children especially. Another plus regarding the solution is that the Vax Rapid 2 has a separate tank for the fluid which means any excess solution doesn’t get wasted and can be added back to the bottle ready for your next use.

There are different cleaning modes with this carpet cleaner, one that gives carpets and other flooring a refresh and dries very quickly. The other deeper clean mode is what you use in the tougher, hard to remove stains.