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Testers Keepers: Tesco review by Martin Woodhall

Posted on 30 November 2018

I decided to give a visit to a large store not too far away from where I live (West Bromwich).

I assumed that going to a larger store would give more variety, more space and with it more potential problems.

Arriving at the store mid-morning on a Friday in December, I was not surprised by the sheer amount of people in attendance for Christmas shopping.  I walked the store, initially looking at clothes; more specifically shoes.

I am in need of a new pair of trainers, and I find them. Unfortunately the range was limited and I honestly didn’t know how long the shoes would last.

The uppers seemed of good quality, but the lowers of the shoes were plastic-like and I didn’t think a heavy-set person such as me would have had them for long.
I took the opportunity to look around the other clothes whilst I was there though. Some nice items of clothing seemed available although I didn’t buy anything.

The gift aisles were seemingly quite a distance apart, although the perfume and soap type items were by the toiletry items so I guess this made quite a bit of sense. A good variety of items was available in both ranges that I looked at.

For reasons not important, I made a purchase of some items then ended up going to another Tesco store on the way home (College, Walsall) and whilst in there I found items that I did not see in the other store so these made for more gifts for purchase.

I found no issue with the layout of either store, and perhaps I may have found the items at the first store had I been more accustomed to the layout, whereas the second store I visit regularly.

Staff at both stores were both friendly and courteous. I asked some slightly obscure questions whilst paying at the till but both colleagues I spoke with were extremely helpful and wished me goodbye.  Overall, I was pleased with both of my experiences.