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Testers Keepers: Samsung Galaxy smartwatch review by Sanita Doroskevica

Posted on 07 July 2019

I got a message from Samsung which said they will deliver the watch. On that day I was working, so I chose a different day when I was home which was very helpful and the service was great!

The watch was packed very well, with no damage from outside or inside. All items were inside: charger and one extra strap. I have been using the watch for three weeks now.

The Galaxy watch is light and it feels no different to wearing a normal watch as the strap is simple but not too thick, which means it's light and comfortable. It's not that sturdy but its fine for doing outdoor sports.

Getting the watch connected requires downloading the Galaxy watch app on your phone. I am using an iPhone and there weren’t any problems with downloading the app.

I paired my phone to the watch via Bluetooth. It took me one attempt to get the connection sorted. Thankfully, I only need to do this process once as it then automatically connects.

Once the watch is synced, the first thing to do is to choose the watch face.

Then I set all information on the watch face such as the battery level, number of steps you've taken, calories burned, date, or weather.

The app is also used to load on music, which you can then listen to via Bluetooth headphones. I listen music all the time, so this option is very good for me.

To navigate turn the bezel with each turn taking to the next app. It's also used to adjust settings and it makes it easy to do things like set an alarm.

The Samsung watch works well to keep you connected to messages, emails and other notifications.
If you're the type of person who needs to know immediately when a new notification arrives then it may be useful.

However, I've always got my phone with me and I didn't feel the need to replicate what it already does.

You can get texts and emails - but some popular apps, such as Facebook Messenger, are not supported.

Fitness futures is the best! If you like to track health stats then you'll enjoy this watch. If you want to improve your health then it also has features to keep you motivated.

The Samsung Health app can track dozens of different exercises including tracking your sleep, which I found to be quite accurate.

You can counts steps and how many floors you done. I was very surprised about this option. It was something new for me.

The best thing about it was how simple it was. Once set up I really enjoyed the minimalist interface and the ease of navigation.

The fitness apps are also great and help me to get experience.

I would give 4+ out of five stars, and I would take off 0.5 stars because of the price as I wouldn’t pay that money.