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Testers Keepers: Peanut Butter Maker Review

Posted on 19 December 2016

I was eagerly awaiting the peanut butter maker. When it arrived, to my surprise, when I opened the box and put the contents together as per instructions, I thought "oh it's so cute, it's just like a children's sweetie machine". I was eagerly waiting to use it. 

So off to the shops I went and purchased a bag of salted peanuts. Filled the top with nuts added the oil and proceeded to turn it on. It about frightened the life out of me. I didn't expect it to be so loud and turned it off. After the initial shock, I turned it back on and let it continue to do its thing. Then, all of a sudden the peanut butter came out of the little chute into the container in a plopping pouring manner. I couldn't wait to try it as it looked wicked.

I was so surprised, the taste was delicious, it seemed much better than shop-bought peanut butter that costs half as much. I then dismantled it with ease washed all the parts up and was amazed at the delicate little grinder that opened up with ease to wash. I have now bought dry roasted peanuts and then I'm going to try pistachios.

I am very happy with my peanut butter maker and look forward to always making my own peanut butter. Friends have also agreed it's better than shop-bought peanut butter and want me to make them some of their own choosing. Thank you.

Thank you, TestersKeepers for choosing me to review this product.

Patricia Worthington