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Testers Keepers: Maybelline bundle review by Winston Chambers

Posted on 24 April 2019

The fit me matte poreless foundation has good coverage and really does have that matte look I always go for.


It’s a great shade though not as light as I’d like as ivory shades go, but it wasn’t a problem. However I did find the foundation had a runny consistency.


The 24 hour Superstay foundation was much better in regards to the consistency and again great coverage that lasted.


The eye shadow has good coverage and I was impressed with the instructions on the back of the palette. It has a good description of how to apply each set for those inexperienced users. However it did have a lot of excess.


The lasting drama eye liner is a brilliant product. It’s easy to apply and feels so light on my eyes. My only complaint is that you don’t really get a lot of use out of it as there is no option to add more. So what you see is what you get. Making the price for it a little off putting but I would still purchase it.


The master strobe stick looks great in the packaging and has a smooth creamy texture but I found That it needed to be applied vigorously in order to get the look I wanted.


The face studio bronze colour and highlighting kit is fantastic. It has great coverage. The three different shades of bronzer give you the option to go darker or lighter and the highlighter has a lovely coverage too. My only complaint is the amount of excess that comes off on your brush.


The face studio chrome extreme highlighter is a brilliant product (although mine came and it was unfortunately broken) but has excellent coverage if I used my fingers to apply. With a brush, not so much. 


The brow mascara and the falsies mascara are absolutely brilliant. The brow mascara has a small applicator so no messy mistakes are made and only a small amount is needed to make your brows pop. The falsies mascara has a good applicator and builds very nicely for that false eyelash look. Both are definitely worth the money. 


The colour sensational lipstick has lovely packaging and a creamy texture making it easy to apply. Although the colour, sultry sand, I ordered was a little lighter than I expected and didn’t suit my light complexion. 


I would recommend all of these products despite the few alterations I feel are needed, i.e. the amount of excess. 


As for the quality of Maybelline products, I would rate as 8/10 and the products are definitely worth the money.



Before and after use of the Superstay foundation, the face studio bronze colour and highlighter kit, the lasting drama eyeliner, the brow drama mascara and the falsies mascara.