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Testers Keepers: MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick review by Zoe Micheala Sowray

Posted on 17 June 2023

Firstly, have to say was excited to have opportunity to try this truly amazing lipstick.

First glance seeing the product colour in person was impressed looked better than hoped, now had to wait to try it out.

Well ladies and gents what can I say amazing was easy lightweight didn’t even know I was wearing it and actually barely transferred, normally if I apply a lipstick have a drink there transference not with this product and it lasted mostly till morning still had to remove it before heading to bed, something other lipsticks I don’t get to do as usually long gone.

The compliments that came in whilst out were oh love the colour where you get it looks so good and dare I say I told everyone which brand product because you know women love to share a good product.

Lightweight easy to apply long lasting loved this product looking to get one every colour now replaced my previous lipstick and won’t go back.

MAC Powder Kiss