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Testers Keepers: LG 55 Super UHD TV by Kim Henderson

Posted on 10 April 2019

Overall the television is well designed and the colours are very good. The backlight function really works at defining different shades. The family enjoys gaming and the picture settings enable very good realism to be achieved. 

The sound is impressive and really captures the classic cinema sound and watching a good movie was a really great experience. I found the remote control confusing and very long winded to achieve both the best picture and the best sound.

I did not like the cursor function as you have to line it up perfectly otherwise nothing happens and you just end up going round in circles which is frustrating and annoying!

 The built-in Netflix function works well and is well used by us all. The 4K effect however did not match up to my expectations and on the basic standard TV mode the colour seemed flat and lifeless and that is a slight disappointment. 

To get the best out of this TV the vivid mode works the best and after fine tuning the picture is great, but again the process takes a long time and should be modified to save time. I found the microphone function annoying and eventually gave up trying to use it as it almost never did what I asked it to.

Setting up the TV took no time at all and that was impressive.  The TV is light to move and is a good piece of furniture in its own right and all my friends were impressed by it.

The Chelsea flower show looked fantastic and the colours are very realistic and lifelike. So my one suggestion is to get rid of the cursor and just have dedicated buttons so there is no annoying delay when switching modes on the TV.

I would definitely recommend this TV to all and I am extremely happy with it, but the elderly or computer challenged may find it a real struggle to operate and a complete redesign of the remote control is highly recommended.

If I were to score the TV it would be 8 out of 10 as the operating system is too complicated but the picture is great and the sound is really good. Thank you for letting me review the TV.