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Testers Keepers: Kindle Paperwhite Review

Posted on 01 March 2016

The Kindle paperwhite arrived well packaged. The box and instruction manuals are both of good quality. The Kindle itself appears to be of solid construction. It is lightweight but does not feel flimsy to use. It does not bend, and the screen does not move when touched. The power on/off button is solid. The power cable inlet/outlet seem stable, and the cable was not loose and did not move around while the device was charging.


If someone likes to read books on the move I would recommend the Kindle Paperwhite. I used it on my commute to work and it was very easy to use taking no space in my bag. However, I had hoped to use the Kindle to read my online magazine subscription. As the Kindle is black and white and not in colour it was not very good for reading my magazine. I would therefore not recommend it if this was a main intended use. It is also very easy to find and purchase new books.


I am still undecided about the RRP of £110. It has a large number of positives and the high quality does justify a higher RRP. However, as the devise is black and white only and so many tablets and mobile phones with a Kindle app allow access to a Kindle account in colour, this would reduce my potential valuation. That said it is a lot cheaper than a smartphone or tablet.


The Kindle paperwhite is very easy to use. I was sceptical about the lack of detail in the instruction manual, however no additional information was needed other than to charge the device and turn it on. I like how it links to my "wish list" from my Amazon account allowing me to browse online, and then purchase when I am ready from my Kindle.


The screen is slightly 'sticky' when scrolling through the menu screen. As such I have on more than one occasion selected an item on the screen rather than scrolling through. This will hopefully improve with use.
Providing the device in colour would be good.

Overall I would rate this as 4/5.


Review by: Gwen Smith