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Testers Keepers: Kinder Easter bouquet review by Claire Hartley

Posted on 13 May 2019

The actual bouquet was really well presented, but I have no idea how it is an ‘Easter’ bouquet as it was very general, which is a probably a good thing for you, but not if it was intended as an Easter gift.

The parcel arrived very quickly and in very good condition. It was very carefully packaged without a lot of waste. It was great that there wasn’t a lot of plastic wrapping too. Just what was needed for the purpose – thumbs up!

There were a few things I didn’t like about the product. Firstly, the bamboo skewers that the chocolate were attached too were really sharp and also completely unnecessary (lolly sticks would have done the same job as they would still slot into the foam base).  
Also, the amount of glue used to stick the bamboo to the chocolate bars was very excessive. It was impossible to take the stick off to open the chocolate – therefore, I couldn’t let my children do this themselves.

It really is a job for an adult as they were actually a bit dangerous in small hands (I’m not complaining but really need to make you aware of this). This would also be an issue for perhaps an elderly person who didn’t have full grip strength or someone recovering from an operation?

One more slightly negative note that I do need to mention is that the use by dates were very nearly due and in fact one item I had was actually over its use by date so that was really disappointing.

On a positive though, I loved the variety of different items in the packages (particularly with two children, everything was evenly shared out amongst all the family).

I think the hamper is a lovely idea and I know how pleased I was to receive it knowing it was coming – so as an unexpected gift for someone, it’s a really lovely idea.

Although most of the chocolate was broken once I managed to get in to it, it was still absolutely delicious. If the above comments were acted upon (less glue, no sharp sticks and better use by dates), I would be more inclined to use the company.

As I was just testing this product, I was interested to know what the usual retail price is as it looks like a really nice gift to send someone – and it doesn’t have to be for Easter!

I therefore, went on the website and also looked at the other products – loads of lovely looking gifts. I do think the price should be lowered though as they seem quite expensive – especially if postage is not included.

Unfortunately, I am very unlikely to shop at Funky Hampers – with the main reason being the price. I think there are a lot of similar products on the market that are more affordable. If I did shop with them, I would need assurance that the issues mentioned would be sorted first.

Overall, I would rate the Kinder chocolate Easter bouquet 7/10.