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Testers Keepers: Glenfiddich's Whisky review by Kellie Marsh

Posted on 15 May 2023

Glenfiddich Gran Reserva aged 21 years was delivered by The Whisky World with the whisky in it's own inflatable sleeping bag and the presentation box in a bag inside bubble wrap just to make sure none of the contents got damaged.

The presentation box has a swivel action door so act's like it's own drinks cabinet and ensures that even when the first bottle of Glenfiddich is long gone you are going to want to keep the box and buy replacement bottles to go in it.

It is a quality single malt whisky where Scotland meets the Caribbean and has been aged for 21 years in American / European Oak casks in Speyside, then finished off in rum soaked Bourbon casks. Box mentions vanilla, banana, pepper, ginger, fig, lime and toffee as some of its flavours.

It has a really lovely subtle smell of whisky, not at all overpowering and no harsh notes with occasional hints of ripening banana, very appealing.

The whisky taste is front loaded but quickly develops into a really nice soft, mellow residual flavour, which is where the banana and rum soaked casks really do their job, leaving a less aggressive slightly sweetened taste that is very pleasant indeed and accompanied with a lovely warming sensation to finish. While the whisky in no way tastes of banana you can see why they put it in there.

Perfectly drinkable straight at room temperature, no need for ice or mixers. It is an easy drinking whisky that starts loud and fierce with a very peppy whisky taste but quickly changes into a completely different, softer, rounder taste that makes it a great easy drinking whisky that has a relaxed, easy going feel and puts you in the equivocal mood.

I am really pleased I got to taste test this product and would be happy to drink this whisky anytime of day or night, especially if you just want to kick back and relax.

Glenfiddichs Whisky