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Testers Keepers: Gillette Fusion ProGlide review by Caroline Escott

Posted on 17 June 2019

The product comes in very solid packaging but was easy to open. The back of the packaging has the recycle symbol, but I was unsure which of the packaging components I could recycle so I would have liked some clearer guidance on the packaging.

The Fusion Proglide Power had a very sleek and eye-catching design that was easily identifiable as the Gillette brand.

It felt quite heavy but the rubber detailing on the handle provided a good grip so I felt in control of the razor.

The flexi ball combined with the vibration from the battery power made shaving quite easy and it glided smoothly over the skin without pulling or snagging.

It coped well with the different contours and I felt I was using longer and fewer strokes. I was also able to shave in a shorter time as it glided so effortlessly over the skin.

After shaving, I felt that the Proglide power had given me a closer shave than my usual non-battery razor.

My skin felt smooth and less dry than usual. It was also less sensitive post shave using this razor. However, I still found hairs that I had missed.

At around ten pounds, the razor initially seems to be good value for money. However, the razor doesn’t come with any replacement blades and replacement blades are really expensive.

My usual razor comes with two replacement blades and replacements thereafter are minimum five pounds cheaper than the Gillette blades.

The blade on the Gillette Fusion Proglide Power lasted about three shaves longer than my usual but that wouldn’t be enough to convince me to swap brand.