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Testers Keepers: GHD Glide review by Terry Crocker

Posted on 09 July 2019

This review is based on my wife’s words and views about the GHD Glide.

The GHD Glide arrived in a well packed, eye-catching box, that didn’t sustain any damage in the mail.

As I hadn’t used any GHD hair products in the past, I was interested what this was going to do for me.

I had seen that GHD market the glide as a professional hot brush that tames and smoothes hair quickly and effortlessly with ceramic technology.

The word professional for a hot brush is, I feel, somewhat overstating it or perhaps my capabilities. That said it could be GHD are targeting hair salons for its market.

On reading the instruction booklet (provided in the box) I noted that the glide should be only be used on completely dry hair.

I consider that very important piece of information should be highlighted far more than in bold text. It can easily be overlooked, as your eyes are drawn to the glide diagram below that warning.

Looking at the glide I thought the swivel cable facility to be very good, as is the long cable length and importantly for me, it's light weight.

For the first part of the test I showered and then ensured my hair was absolutely dry. I switched on the glide and it quickly heated up to its operating temperature. I later learnt this to be around 185 degrees.

After just a few brushstrokes through my hair I was impressed with the results it achieved. I will confess that I certainly knew the glide operates at a hot temperature by accidentally touching my ear on one brushstroke.

The following day I used the glide again and the same results were achieved after just a few brushstrokes.

The glide has a good safety feature because if it’s not turned off after 60 minutes, it will automatically go into sleep mode for 10 minutes to cool down and then go into standby mode.

I think that the price of the GHD Glide at £125 may deter many from buying this hot brush, but I found it to be impressive and VFM as it certainly straightened out my hair.

Many of my relatives who are GHD fans immediately offered to take it off my hands if I didn’t want to want it… no chance!

After using the GHD Glide I will probably use this manufacturer again for future hair products.