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Testers Keepers: Fitbit Charge 3 review by Natalie Boulton

Posted on 01 March 2019

The Fitbit Charge 3 was well packaged and arrived in very good condition without any defects. It took around 30-40 mins to connect to the iPhone and fully sync, longer than any of the earlier versions of Fitbits.

It appeared a nice watch, comfortable and light. The fact its waterproof is brilliant, although I did remove it for bathing purely out of habit.

The display screen lights up when you move your wrist which is great for checking the time or your step count but not so great when you just move around in general, especially during the night; I found myself struggling to sleep as it lit the room when I moved around so had to take it off one night.

I found the sleeping pattern tracker very interesting and checked it every morning and it did seem accurate as to how I felt I had slept that night.

I used the Fitbit charge 3 to count my steps along with a general step count on my iPhone. The Fitbit was always counting a lot more steps than the iPhone. It counted steps when driving and also when sleeping, so I didn’t feel it was very accurate at all.

The best part about it is the battery life, as I didn’t have to charge until day 7 of using it.
I am unlikely to recommend this to friends and family as I prefer the older versions of the Fitbit as they were more accurate with step count and activities.

I would still buy other products from Fitbit in the future as this is the first product I haven’t been impressed with.

The price is about right for the product as it does have many good features such as heart rate and swim count; it is light and durable and comes with a spare watch strap.

It does feel like a downgrade from the Fitbit Alta as opposed to an upgrade. Recommended if you have a busy life and want to keep track of your health, although it isn’t very accurate, it gives you a rough idea of steps and sleeping patterns.