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Testers Keepers: Fitbit Alta review by Terry Crocker

Posted on 05 July 2019

This review is based on my experience using a Fitbit Alta HR.

I was very pleased that I’d been accepted as a Fitbit product tester, as I’d never used any product like that in my life.

The Fitbit duly arrived in a box that was well packed, but upon opening the box I immediately noticed that the charging unit cable seemed to be very short.

At approx 56cm the cable length is about half of that supplied with my iPad. Presumably its short length is for those who wish to charge their Fitbit from their computer USB port, but that’s not the option I would wish to use, as I use USB wall sockets.

To set up the Fitbit I downloaded the user manual, which I found easy to follow. Whilst setting up the Fitbit I was truly amazed at the number of functions that are contained on such a compact item.

Some of the functions are:

•    Footsteps, calories burned and active minutes
•    Heart rate, sleep history, hours slept and sleep patterns
•    Bed time reminders and silent alarms that gently vibrate on your wrist
•    Receive notifications on the tracker display of calls, text messages and calendar events when paired with a suitable phone
•    Exercise tracker and of course the time, day and date functions
This Fitbit can be fully charged in two hours and the battery life can then be up to seven days, dependant on usage.

In the first week of use I received a low battery warning email after five days, but I had been using and testing the Fitbit far more than the norm.

When not in use the screen is dimmed which assists the battery life, but a twist of the wrist or double tapping the side of the screen instantly lights it up.

The first function I used was the silent alarm and the gentle vibrations, much to my amazement, did wake me up.

The second function I used was to check my sleep pattern. I found that very interesting as it’s broken down into awake, REM, light and deep sleep stages.

The third function I used was the steps, distance and calories burned whilst out on my early morning walk.

A useful function as I will now know the distances I walk daily and more importantly, I will be closely monitoring my fitness level.

My conclusions regarding the Fitbit Alta HR are:

It’s only splash proof and I found the short charging cable length to be an issue

It’s value for money, comfortable to wear, slim and light weight and has many useful and informative functions

All in all a clever, quality piece of technology and I’m very impressed with the Fitbit Alta HR.