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Testers Keepers: Fitbit Alta HR review by Dina Siena

Posted on 27 May 2019

Before having the opportunity to test the Fitbit Alta HR, I had been searching for a fitness tracker for a while, but I never made the decision to purchase any.

I have been using my Alta HR for almost a month now and I am pleased with its features and functionalities.

The Alta came in quite a small package that contained the Fitbit itself, a UBS charger and very brief instructions.

They tell you to download the Fitbit application on your mobile phone and you can find there more detailed instructions on how to use Fitbit and all its functionalities.

Fitbit Alta is quite intuitive to use, you just wear it and set up your daily goals in terms of steps, exercise, sleep, calories and more. The heart tracking functionality is the most interesting one in my opinion: you get real time updates on your heart rate and the Fitbit calculates the resting heart rate.

Information is updated daily and you can get an estimate of your overall health level. Through steps and hearth rate, Fitbit can automatically track exercise like walking, running or working out on elliptical and therefore update your weekly exercise goals.

However, it doesn’t track other kinds of exercise – for example I often practice yoga but it doesn’t get counted as a workout (unless you manually enter it). The sleep tracker is also very useful, and I really like that it can give you an insight of all the sleep phases and compare them with your previous statistics or with a benchmark.

Battery life is 5-6 days – a bit less than what is told on the instruction, 6-7 days – but to be fair it charges quite quickly.

What I like the most about Fitbit is that it keeps you motivated on moving, exercising etc, whilst also giving you an idea of other health parameters like calories burned vs consumed, sleep quality and so on.

In general, I believe that is a very good fitness tracker and it definitely does its job. The price is fair in my opinion, since Fitbit uses a quite efficient technology and has a quite elegant and discrete design.

Therefore I would recommend it to anybody that has an active lifestyle and cares about fitness, health and generally wants to keep an eye on movement and exercise.