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Testers Keepers: Fable & Mane's HoliRoots Hair Oil review by Josie Bell

Posted on 05 December 2021

The Fable and Mane Pre-Wash Hair Oil arrived in lovely bright, colourful packaging which straight-away made me think it was a good quality product. There was even a storage / travel canvas bag included, which was a nice touch.

Fable And Mane Hair Oil

The brown bottle, which protects the oil from sun / light damage, has an easy-to-use squeeze dropper which is handy as you don’t need a lot of product. You can use the dropper to apply the oil directly to your scalp, your hair or on your hand and then apply to your hair. It is silky smooth when rubbed between fingers and smells amazing, with floral and Jasmin notes, almost perfume-like with a lasting scent which I loved.

As stated in the instructions, I applied the oil to dry hair, parted in sections and combed through from root to tip. My hair felt nourished during this process. I also used the oil to give myself a mini head massage at the same time which was very relaxing. I slept with the product in then shampooed and conditioned my hair the next day and styled as usual.

I could tell during the drying process that my hair looked more glossy and felt more conditioned. I have medium curly textured Afro-Caribbean hair, so I am always looking for products which add moisture and define curls. This is the best hair oil I have tried to date. I like that it can be washed out so as not to leave the hair greasy.

I personally would go as far as to add the oil to damp/wet hair and not wash out for a few days because my hair tends to be dry. This product is very nourishing and soaks into the hair well without leaving it overly greasy, such as I have found with coconut/ castor oil which can be thick.

Although the price initially seems high, especially compared to other hair oils and moisturising masks on the market, only a small amount is needed and depending on your thickness of hair, will last a very long time, so is well worth it.

An added bonus is that the product is cruelty free, vegan friendly and has no damaging silicones which is great for both the environment and personal health, things which are becoming more important for companies to demonstrate in recent years. It is also suitable for all hair types which is great for me as it can be tricky to find suitable affordable products for Afro-Caribbean hair. I also found the oil is available in stores and online so is convenient to shop for.

Having researched the brand, it was lovely to see Fable & Mane is a small family run business with Indian heritage, well known for their lustrous hair. The company is also involved in philanthropy, caring about the welfare of big cats - another thumbs up. The website is also easy to use and navigate and looks professional.

Finally, it was great to see that there are also many complimentary product available to the hair oil such as hair masks, serums, shampoos and conditioners.