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Testers Keepers: DayWear Eye Cream by Estee Lauder review by Natalie Boulton

Posted on 13 February 2019

I received the DayWear Eye Cream by Estee Lauder well packaged in cardboard and it seemed sturdy enough to protect it from any damage in transit.

The tub itself is a good size and a lovely colour, very appealing to look at.
I used the cream before applying my normal daily makeup and only used a thin layer to start with. I did find that it took quite a while to dry and it remained sticky for longer than I expected.

I had to wait longer than normal to apply my make up as I wanted to wait until the cream had been absorbed into my skin.

Therefore, I continued to only use a small amount as I thought it would take longer to dry if I used any more.

I used it every morning and every evening on a clean face and have yet to see any improvement in my under eye area.

The product instructions were to keep in the fridge for a cooling sensation, I did not try this as I assumed I would forget about applying the cream if it wasn’t in sight with my normal skincare routine products.

In future I would only use this as a night cream rather than applying twice a day.

I did find the skin underneath my eyes to be more moisturised and feel a lot softer than they did before I used the cream. It also has a lovely smell, very clean and fresh.

I am likely to try other make up products by Estee Lauder such as foundation or blusher as I have used these in the past but unlikely to buy any face creams in the future.

I think it is slightly over priced for the quality of the product as I am yet to see any difference in over 2 weeks of continuous use.

I am likely to recommend Estee Lauder to family and friends in terms of makeup products but not face creams.

The cream could be improved by being more easily absorbed into the skin to cut down preparation time before applying makeup.
It wouldn't be suitable for a person in a rush or if they had a strict skin care regime in a small amount of time.