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Testers Keepers: Curvissa review by Isabel Montoya-Perez

Posted on 25 June 2019

I used the app which I found easy to navigate and I really like the summer edit edition. I thought it was quite plus fashion positive with styling ideas for plus-size customers. 

I think that on the desktop version it felt there were a lot of edits like, every day dresses, a summer stylebook and other items that were on special.

It made it feel quite busy and like there wasn’t one trending focus like other online stores.

I also tend to go straight to the menu by item, e.g. dresses then browse through all of these.

I really liked the denim skirt I ordered, it felt like it was good quality and also had a decent amount of stretch which I like from budget denim. However I felt the skirt was slightly overpriced compared to other online stores and the styles available. It felt like it was the only one suitable to 30-40 year old and the others looked like they were ‘plus’ with cheaper fabric.

I think the leather jacket is great as a ‘faux’ option that still gives an edgy look. I’ve been looking for a cheaper alternative and this one is reasonably priced but also looks like real leather.

The leather jacket as mentioned above, is reasonably priced and on-trend.

My other favourite was the black treggings. I love these and always find that the other styles you find online are really thin and just look like leggings. These ones are quite thick, my friend asked when I wore them if I was wearing jeans so they definitely give that impression but are a stretchy comfy option.

I would recommend Curvissa to my mum, but not to my friends. I found it quite hard to find items that I liked and found myself scrolling through pages before seeing something I wanted to put in my saved items.

The vibe I get from the site is more mid 40, a young mum plus fashion site. There were items there that I think my mum would like but for someone a bit younger they didn’t feel as on-trend with what’s in fashion at the moment.

Some of the items felt like real bargains others felt a bit overpriced and there were ‘fast’ fashion items that are on trend but might not be staples that felt quite pricey which made me hesitate purchasing as it makes me conscious about how long those items will be on trend.

I found the treggings reasonably priced and I could see myself stocking up and buying several pairs.

I also really loved the coat I got but it was a bit tight around the arms. This was really reasonably priced for a decent autumn coat. The faux leather jacket was also definitely worth the money.

I think there needs to be more fashion edits/style books with the items you have in stock. It felt like some of them were a bit outdated/out of fashion season so it would have been good to see an edit on how to style these to keep them current.

I also found it confusing that for some items there were models who were obviously smaller than a size 14 modelling items.

If the website is marketed as a plus size outlet then all the models should reflect that. I think can also make customers wary about how the item is going to fit on them.

Ultimately I found it difficult to find items I liked, either because of the style or print and when I shop on other online outlets I have a massive list of saved items just to go back to later.  I just felt like a lot of the items had an ‘older’ style/vibe to them.

I would probably go back for staples or specific items where I might be searching for something I particularly need. However other online stores I just browse and save items when I’m bored but I wouldn’t see myself doing that on the Curvissa site.

 Also I found it odd that I was deducted for items separately as they were shipped. For example my first package arrived with three items and I was charged for this.

Then a second package with one item and then was charged for this. Not sure if this is normal and most of my items have been in stock so not dispatched separately but just found this odd.

If I was shopping for myself, I would maybe a rate it a five. I also feel the app needs some improvements in relation to user experience and navigation.

It doesn’t flow as easily as other online store apps. The biggest reason for my rating is the lack of current fashion items and the style of the products on the website felt like they were more for an older audience.