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Testers Keepers: Coca-Cola mini fridge review by Will Harris

Posted on 20 July 2019


The product was delivered in the promotional box with a picture of the mini fridge on the side. The packaging offered fairly robust protection of the fridge, although it did have slight damage to one corner, however, the fridge arrived undamaged so I have to rate the packaging as fit for purpose. 




The three packs of Coca-Cola cans arrived the day after the fridge, which I had forgotten all about, but again were packed adequately to avoid damage in transit.




I am satisfied with the style of the fridge as it is perfect for summer barbecues/parties due to its bright red colour and the ‘Coca-Cola’ very distinguishable design motif; it just helps set a happy and fun atmosphere.




The fridge has performed perfectly after being carried from my garage to be plugged in an extension socket in the garden. It is really convenient to have pop on site for the grandkids and wine for the wife, family and friends; saving my legs the effort of fetching and carrying refills from the kitchen.




For the purpose the mini fridge was produced for, I do not think can be improved upon.  I believe the purchase price to be value for money in a market where similar products are not as eye catching, usually looking plain and boring in white and not the quality finish of the Coca-Cola fridge.




Many of my friends and family have commented on its eye catching design, being able to view the contents through the glass front door and also impressed with the cold temperature it runs at, especially in the hot sun.




I have no hesitation in recommending the product to anyone who enjoys garden/outdoor entertainment.  The fridge was from the supplier ‘Husky’ and I would again have no hesitation in purchasing goods from them in the near future.