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Testers Keepers: Charles Bentley egg-shaped garden swing chair review by Iwona Frodyma

Posted on 22 September 2023

I've received this Freestanding Garden Swing Chair free of charge in exchange for my review. The swing chair was delivered as a flat pack in a single box, ready for self-assembly. After opening the box, I noticed that all the elements were packed securely and with care to avoid any damage. Every single part was individually wrapped in thin foam and then wrapped again in paper. Soft elements like cushions were placed inside clear, strong plastic bags. The pack also consisted of assembly instructions, screws and nuts required to put it together along with little tools which were needed to finish the task.

The setting up process was straightforward and uncomplicated. It took myself and my husband about 30 minutes to unpack it and put it together. Instructions provided were extremely easy to follow, the easiest we ever used. In my opinion 2 people are required for this job. Although it's not complicated, the parts are quite large and pretty heavy, so a second pair of hands to hold them together is needed. Especially with the sitting basket, it has to be unfolded, stretched and held in place when the other person secures its frame in place.

The chair looks well built. First of all, the metal frame is really heavy and provides great stability with its wide tripod style base. Also, the paint work on it looks really well done, we couldn't see any flaws, cracks or scratches. After using the chair for a while now it seems nearly impossible to scratch it at all. I really like the elegant combination of matte black frame and grey coloured sitting basket. The egg-shape seat is just about the perfect size and very cosy. Again, the frame feels strong and durable. The soft ash grey straps used to fill up the basket wall seems strong and provides a high-end look.

Garden Swing Chair

I absolutely love the sitting cushion, it is a perfect size and very comfortable to sit on. It stays in place, I didn't have to fix it despite standing up and sitting down multiple times. Great addition to it is a removable cover for easy cleaning. This chair also has a little head rest which can be tied up in any position required. However I'm not a fan of it, and personally I think it doesn't need it at all.

Overall, this swinging chair is pleasant to look at and with a gentle swing is truly comfortable to sit in. It is a fantastic piece of garden furniture. I love using it, and I will use any excuse to do it. Both my husband and I agree that it's a great addition to our garden. I just wish a cover was included in a pack for secure storage over winter.