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Testers Keepers: Carbon Motorbike Helmet review by Alan Reid

Posted on 30 May 2023

First impressions, when unboxing was very positive, the packaging is very conducive with a premium product and I’d actually say, from first glance it looks and feels better than my previous helmet, which was a premium mid-range helmet.

The LS2 Thunder Carbon Supra comes with a good quality helmet carry bag and thereafter the usual protective cover with draw string. The helmet also comes with a clear visor and an interchangeable dark tinted visor, both Pinlock ready (anti-fog insert included). Also within the box was a pack of 10 tear off visor strips and an inflatable neck roll.

The shell is 6K Carbon Fibre, making it extremely light, yet strong. The external finish looks great and looking round the lid, it has great ventilation, which are also adjustable. A good solid feel when closing the vents, this again gives the impression of a quality lid. The weight is noticeable when holding this helmet, it is light, something you are very thankful when riding.

Looking at your head entry point, it looks very tight, however it slips on fine, giving a very reassuring fit. With the plush cheek pads and chin guard, it feels solid and reassuring. I felt the sizing was slightly on the smaller side. Although it is ideally suited to a long oval shape head, which mine may not be! My other helmets were the same size and fit fine. I went with the large initially, but it was too snug, which may have led to other issues, therefore I exchanged it for an XL (60”-61”) and it fitted perfectly.

The visor is easy to remove and replace. I prefer the dark visor for the summer time, but easy to change if you are out late. The visor locks shut and is released by a central located button at the front chin bar. Initially I found this to be a little fiddly, but after a few times opening, it became second nature. The visor is easy to open and more importantly stays open. I have found with some helmets that the visor can snap shut at speed, however this one stayed where it was intended, feeling very solid. The visor aperture is large, giving great all round visibility. They have also incorporated a very good visor gasket, keeping wind and moisture out. Possibly one of the best gaskets I have seen on a helmet.

Carbon Motorbike Helmet