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Testers Keepers: Brewers Fayre review by Mark Powell

Posted on 26 March 2019

Attended Burton House Brewers Fayre, Boston on 9th March 2019.

The quality of welcome at the restaurant was ok. Staff members seemed a bit stressed or not with it. The restaurant was very busy.

He led us to a table saying it was the only one that would be suitable for the two of us. Then he left us to it. He didn't explain that we would have to order from the bar and no other staff members came over to speak with us until the very end of our meal (1.5/2hrs later), after my wife had asked at the bar for something to take leftovers home in.

The order wasn't taken at the table – my wife went to the bar to order, where she saw a sign advising that the current wait for food was around 45 minutes. (When we left the wait was over an hour!)

We were ok with this as we were not in any particular rush. The timing turned out to be pretty accurate. There was a small queue at bar to place an order. Our order was taken very efficiently.

I advised a staff member that I would be paying by voucher and opened a tab as the staff member advised it would be the best way to get the most out of the voucher. 

All chosen dishes were available at this point (when we came to order sweet – chosen option no longer available).

A staff member gave the opportunity to upgrade either of the meal options for a small sum. Took advantage of this for the ribs and chicken meal.

Wife asked if my potatoes could be without butter – staff member went to check and confirmed this would be done. 

The quality of food, when it finally arrived, was well presented, the options and requests had been duly noted and all of the order was correct.

The plate with the ribs and chicken upgrade was large and was good value, in fact I couldn't eat it all and requested packaging to take the left overs home in. Silver foil was given to us for this; I was slightly disappointed that it was not a plastic box or something a bit sturdier.

My wife had the chicken and chorizo pie which was very nice. She would highly recommend it and will definitely order it again.

To improve the diner experience we would suggest more staff waiting on tables, more kitchen staff to ensure that peak hours are adequately covered and that diners are not left waiting for more than 20/30 minutes, thus improving customer satisfaction and the number of diners served. Food, however, was very nice.

We thought the food itself was good value for money, although disappointed that the drinks on the main menu were not priced and there were no options shown for low/no alcohol beers/ciders (when asked at the bar, the staff member did confirm that there were two options available).

We would confirm that it is a family friendly place to eat – there were lots of families dining when we were there.

We would recommend it to family and friends, but would make them aware that during times of vouchers, offers/new menu and Saturday evenings it will be busy and there could be a long wait. I would suggest going early or elsewhere on such occasions.

We are very likely to visit this restaurant again in the future.

The car park is large, although not all disabled parking is near the entrance to the restaurant. There is one ramped entrance with the other entrances being stepped.

If dining with a disabled member or someone in a wheelchair, it may be best to pre-book to ensure an accessible table. The location of the restaurant is easy to find.