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Testers Keepers: Bollinger Rose Champagne taste test review by Georgie Gilchrist

Posted on 20 March 2023

Upon first receiving the Bollinger Rose Champagne I was pleasantly surprised with the packaging offering me a treat for the eyes before even tasting the drink.

The presentation of the foldable gift box along with the engraved champagne flutes that came with the bottle was second to none, they will both be taking a front row place in my glass cabinet for a talking point when I have people over.

Once I opened the drink I was struck with immediate mouth-watering aromas of strawberry, cherry and grapefruit. The flavour profile I would describe was a peach, strawberry, raspberry and grapefruit with sweet shortbread biscuit, which is the only way I could the describe the depth of flavour within this drink.

The deep pink colour seemed to glisten in the glasses as I poured myself and my partner a drop. I found the drink sitting perfectly in-between sweet and acidic leading to a pleasant lingering finish on the tongue. We paired this drink with seafood and really felt like it was a match made in heaven, with the drink not being too heavy or gassy it left us wanting more and more.

We then shared the rest over a cheese board which surprisingly the drink paired excellently with which I was not expecting. Overall, I would personally give this drink a nine out of ten as I am not really a champagne drinker but this could very well be the one that changes that in future!