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Testers Keepers: Birchbox Review (II)

Posted on 17 March 2017

Here is my second Birchbox review. My test is a 6-month subscription, receiving beauty products through the post monthly.

Well, this is the second of my three reviews after receiving the boxes for January and February. The bright yellow ‘Sprinkle of Happiness’ box was a welcome lift in the depths of winter and, yes, it was enjoyable to receive.  The samples appeared to be larger and would be very handy to take away on holiday and several have gone into my handbag. A cherry hand cream, which I thought sounded like it would smell terrible but actually turned out to be very pleasant and quickly absorbed into the skin and a reviving face mist. Both useful and convenient.  I also received a shaving cream which purported to be 22ml but was actually almost empty upon arrival (which I would have complained about had I not been performing an impartial review), a multi-purpose dry oil for face, body and hair and a crayon concealer.

What was new for the February box was an email asking me which design of box I would like to receive, giving a choice of 2 colours. This simple question really made me feel I am getting a personal service, much more so than the filling in online details of my hair and skin type as it seems everyone gets similar things anyway with little reference to what you’ve entered and if it is suitable. A beautifully designed box contained a therapy face mask, more hair conditioning spray (what do people do with their hair to need so much product?) another exfoliating cleanser and an eyeshadow trio and makeup brush.

I gave it a go but didn’t get on very well with the website. After I wrote my review on one of my boxes and submitted it, it didn’t appear on the site and I didn’t get any points for it. Perhaps there is a time limit. Who knows. I don’t like doing that sort of thing anyway so I am not going to waste any more time on it. It does mean I am unlikely to buy anything from the site, though.

I have already received and responded instantly to an email regarding what colour lipstick I would prefer which they will be sending next month. Again, for me this was great. I would have preferred to completely personalise my box. If they sent a list of what was on offer next month and let you choose your own mix, it would be a more positive experience. I would prefer more actual makeup and I can’t help feeling that at the end of my six months I am going to have two boxes filled with products that I am never going to use; oil and tar (if you read my previous post) now being two of them!

That said, I am still looking forward to my last two boxes.

Anne Pothecary