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Testers Keepers: Barbie Dreamhouse Playset review by Papaya Douvall

Posted on 01 July 2023

The barbie dream house playset was easy to construct with clear instructions, my child constructed the piece without any help, it took her about 40 minutes. The house is sturdy, with lots of exciting and different floors and areas, for hours and hours of imaginative play.

The 70 plus accessories are very detailed and well thought out. My daughter has not stopped playing with her house!

It also comes with Barbies dog which is lovely edition.

The swimming pool and slide were a firm favourite area.

The lift is especially well thought out, my daughter spent hours moving barbie up and down the lift to the different, exciting floors.

I think value for money it is well worth it for the endless fun you get out of it. It is beautifully made and the attention to detail is amazing. The doors open and close (the refrigerator, front doors etc), and you can turn some of the furniture around to see a different side!

The sofa turns into a bunk bed and the coffee table turns into a little bed for Chelsea, those two things are great additions and are very enjoyable to watch them transform!

The colours really pop out and relate to barbie very well.

Nearly all the accessories clip onto items in the dream house so it’s very easy to relocate if needed without needing to take all the accessories out.

Some of the furniture make sounds when you click a certain button so that is a great element as you can really imagine yourself interacting in real life with those items.

Alongside Barbies dog it also comes with a dog bed, dog food bag, dog bowl and a dog bone! The chandeliers are an amazing addition as you can put Barbies on them and swing them round! It comes with some food and drinks to put in the fridge and oven which is a lovely touch. You also have a little blue letter and a section at the front that mail goes into. The stickers that come with it are very cool to put on (the koi fishpond, the orange juice etc) and makes it even more lifelike.

Fun with Barbie Dreamhouse