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Testers Keepers: Apple iPad Pro review by Francesca Darling

Posted on 23 June 2023

On first inspection, this iPad Pro is lightweight and elegantly sleek and therefore, desirably portable, making it great for travelling and brilliant for watching high quality videos on the go. The visuals are sharp and colours are gorgeously luminous, with Dolby Vision 4 HDR offering unparalleled viewing, arguably the best portable display on the market today, and with four speakers, proffers impressive sound quality, scoring it extra points. However, the battery lowers drastically when utilising high quality visuals.

Switching it on is simple and speedy. It appears more powerful than its predecessor, and up to around 15% faster. Certainly, in comparison to a previous iPad, the speed quality lives up to its reputation. Face ID gives significant reassurance in high-end security. Coming with a USB-C cable, it charges the product faster than the standard old school micro pin. The charge rate, once fully charged, lasts up to 10 hours, making it excellent for social or professional use. But the question is can the iPad Pro 6th generation replace a primary computer or desktop?

On inspection the iPad Pro 6th generation could potentially be a promising, hardworking replacement for a conventional computer and/or desktop, especially for those working from home, due to the large screen, USB-C port and targeted powerful M2 chip, which is more powerful than previous chips. But is the 256 GB enough to sustain a typical user or an individual running their own business?

Another point to consider, is that the iPad Pro may require the user to purchase an Apple Magic keyboard, which attaches to the device, enabling easier and expeditious typing, although this would significantly add to the cost of what is, quite an expensive piece of kit already. The Apple Magic keyboard is on the small side which may prove challenging for some, and not as precise as a traditional keyboard. Coming with front and rear cameras and wide angled viewing, hours of fun could be endless. The pro camera system with wide and ultra-wide lenses ensures the capturing of various angles and views at a high spec quality.

For drawing, editing of images and day to day tasks, this is super handy for creatives, along with a highly responsive backlit touchpad. The extra horsepower is a bonus.

Overall, I would say the iPad Pro is a great efficient piece of equipment. Perfect for leisure and pleasure and could accommodate some business needs, but not all. The perfect on the go device!

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