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Testers Keepers: Apollo Phaze E-Bike review by Gillian McCarthy

Posted on 21 November 2023

I haven't ridden a bike for well over 20 years. I measured the outside of my leg instead of inside (DOPE), so I ordered the wrong size. However, I still managed to use the bike with help from my son's, who I might add thought it was hilarious.

With arthritis this bike was great to go to local shops, also to help with some fitness around our local park area. Speed one wasn't great especially for uphill, speed two is ok for a mild hill, speed three for steep hills. Felt comfortable enough with the bike, however I personally believe this would be better off as a man's bike.

However, riding this electric bike is a great solution for personal mobility. It' healthy, environmentally friendly, and it saves money on commuting. But finding one which is right for you, is not an easy task. For instance, if you have been chatting to a friend or colleague who has bought an electric bike and appears to have good things to say about these bikes, which may make you start to look for something similar in the E-Bike range either online or in shop, it can be quite confusing, especially like myself measuring leg wrong. Reading online reviews is just as confusing for someone of my age, say, which could lead to buying the wrong one or buying a more expensive E-Bike than necessary.

As a result, I asked both my sons to try the bike for themselves, Marc, likes using his bike for cross country. This E-Bike is definitely not for cross country however, he found it relatively easy to use on roads and dirt tracks, again not impressed with speed one, happy enough with speeds two and three. Ryan used the bike to commute to work, he found this really good for travelling to work, however he still had to take a charger with him to recharge for commuting back home.

We all felt that this being one of the cheaper versions of E-Bikes that are available, did the job it's meant to do. But we all felt it has a few safety issues, like lights to front and back when travelling at night would be more appropriate, and mud guards would be helpful in wet weather.

Thank you for the chance to review this E-Bike, hopefully you find my review helpful and as honest as I can be.